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Transformer Oil Filter Plants

Single stage Oil Filter machines (1100 LPH)
Mobile Two Stage High Vacuum Insulating Oil  Purification Plant (4500LPH)
Single stage Oil Filter machines (1100 LPH)
Mobile Two Stage High Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification Plant (4500LPH)
Stationary Two Stage High Vacuum Oil Purification Plant (4500LPH)
"Advanced test facilities at Works"
Stationary Two Stage High Vacuum Oil Purification Plant (4500LPH)
Insulating Oil Processing Plants & Equipments for Maintenance of Power Transformers :
For effective maintenance of power transformer in service, maintenance of dielectric properties of insulation, whether, solid or liquid is most important.
We Manufacture :
1. High Vacuum Insulating Oil Processing Plants with purpose of commissioning & maintenance of all types of transformers.
2. Dehydration plants for rapid & economical transformer drying.
Equipments in the oil processor are :
Oil Pumps :
Positive displacement type gear pumps with accessories for inlet & centrifugal pumps with accessories for discharge side. 
Heating System :
Heat exchanger of low heat density, with temperature controlling arrangement & safety appliances.
Filteration System :
Edge filter with cleaning arrangement or through away type cartridge filter & filter press for removal of sludge.
Degassing System :
Sealed chamber with raschig rings for single stage & multi stage operations, equipped with various appliances.
Vacuum Pumping System :
Rotary oil sealed pumps, combination of mechanical booster & rotary pumps with all required components. 
Control Panel :
Centralised control panel with mimic diagram instrumentation and all accessories required for plants as per specification.
Mounting :
Plants are available in both stationary & mobile as per requirements.
Optional Features :
• Transformer evacuation system as per requirement.
• Ionic reaction column for acidity correction and facility of additional inhibitors.
• Instrumentation for indication and recording various oil parameters.
Application :
Requirement of working vacuum becomes much higher for treating oil having high acidity & low interfacial tension as compared to theoretical requirements of new oil. To meet this field conditions, high vacuum processing plants with multi stage designed are most effective. For dehydration of these transformers multi stage plants can effectively meet :
• Oil in transformer which is in use, has high acidity and low IFT as compared to new oil, as per IS – 335
• To enable moisture in paper insulation to migrate in the surrounding oil, it has to be maintained at higher temperature of 70ºC to 80ºC and also to a low dissolved moisture contained level. Single stage plants can achieve results as good as multi stage plants for treating new oils. But it takes longer time for oil in use. Thus improvements in transformer IR values will be slow and limited.
Dehydration Equipment for Transformer in Service & Maintenance :
• Drying of transformers is a major problem due to :
• More shut down time
• Difficult site conditions
• Process in use at present is uneconomical, lengthy and less effective.
• Insulation requires drying is oil impregnated. Combined effect of heating, moisture, dissolved oxygen & acidity in oil, attacks iron, copper, varnishes, paints, which results in sludge formation. It forms very tiny substance, which adheres to winding insulation, side walls of tank, ventilating ducts & cooling fins. Sludge deposited on insulation causes severe shrinkage of insulation & finally pre mature break down. Water is also produced during aging process accelerated by catalytic action of copper, iron & oxygen.
Dehydration Plant :
A Equipment Required for Field Maintenance :
A. 1.
Hot oil pump with pressure regulating & controlling appliances for filteration systems.
A. 2.
Electrical heat exchangers with precise temperature indicators, & safety devices.
A. 3.
High temperature, metallic flexible hoses with spraying arrangement
A. 4.
‘Moisture extraction’ vacuum system.
A. 5.
High vacuum insulating oil purifier.
A. 6.
Control panel & instrumentation.
B Equipments For Maintenance At Transformer Repair Shop :
Transformers requiring maintenance work involving repairs & insulation dry out, are taken to the repair shop. After the repairs, these are to be dried on the same lines as the procedure followed by transformer manufacturers.
Equipment for this Purpose is Stationary type & consists of :
B. 1.
Autoclave, designed to withstand high vacuum & adequately sized to accommodate the windings with hot oil spraying arrangements.
B. 2.
Other equipments as per A.2;A.3;A.4;A.5;A.6
Modern Theories of Maintenance :
To meet the above requirements effectively & economically our organisation has developed equipment’s based on latest technological aspects of transformer maintenance, followed by advanced countries, having following design features
Paper insulation is heated in ‘oxygen free’ conditions with maximum safe temperatures as high as 120ºC
Hot oil under ‘oxygen free’ atmosphere is spread on winding to increase evaporation & heat losses. Thus moisture extraction is rapid.
Fine process vacuum & low oil quantity ensures faster & economical drying of insulation. It is as good as that achieved by vapour phase drying technique, used by power transformer manufacturers.
Since oil in use is not involved in the process, its aging due to heating is avoided. A major factor in the successful treatment of insulating oil is to have low temperature & higher vacuum in process. This avoids rapid deterioration of insulating oil due to high temperatures. We manufacture oil treatment plants to suit the various requirements of oil purification used in Distribution & Power Transformers having high & extra high voltages. The plants are designed for use in transformer manufacturing factories & repair shops or for use of field  & whole installation of transformer or reactor units at site. The capacities of the plants are ranging from 220, 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4500, 6000 LPH & above capacities or as per specific requirements.
The types of the plants are as per the required processing of insulating oil, such as single stage, two-stage, & multi-stages to get required performance. In single & multi passes, in mobile &/or stationary mounting types of plants, special additional facilities are incorporated. These are high vacuum multi stage pumping system, with mechanical boosters, in combination with rotary oil sealed pumps. These effectively remove large quantities of gasses & moisture even in single pass. This results less than 0.1% by volume of gas & upto even less than 5 PPM of residual moisture under high working vacuum conditions.
Similarly vacuum-pumping systems are also incorporated for evacuation of drying of transformers separately or as per requirements. Optional facilities such as Coalescer, Ionic Reaction Column, Filter Press, Reverse Flow Filter Cleaning System, Flow Meter, Online Instruments, Annunciation Systems, Transformer Evacuation System etc., are incorporated as per the specific requirements. Our plants are based on most advanced systems, currently available for the treatment of insulating oil. These are designed to remove, virtually all contaminants from the oil, including solid impurities and dissolved moisture & gases through plants. To achieve required performance high capacity vacuum systems are introduced in the plant. 
We are equipped to meet any quality and performance standards with all facilities for production, testing & quality control backed by a Nation Wide Network for prompt after sales services. 
Transformer Oil Filter Machine
A. Transcure BS Series
The TRANSCURE CLASSIC S series are single stage streamline oil filter machines designed to tame oil problems in the LT/distribution transformer sector. The practical experience of repairing distribution transformer has led to development of this series dedicated to handle small oil volumes.

The machines are suitable to operate on all standard single phase supply or three phase supply and frequencies.

Transcure BS Series
B. Transcure D Series
Performance parameters of oil in medium sized transformers and power transformers are stringent to maintain transformer health over a long time span. Consequently filter machines capable of achieving desired performance parameters of oil are required. NACH has designed the multi stage Transcure D series with the objective of achieving stringent oil performance parameters that result better transformer health. Beyond the regular quality and reliability of BS series filter machines, Transcure D series machines bear innovative design to ascertain health of the capital asset.
Transcure D Series
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NACH ENGINEERING PVT. LTD. was established in 1990, by Anil G. Chaudhary to promote advance technology assets in the transformer industry and provide modern solutions to consumers through NACH branded products. Today the company has a team of professionals experienced in design, research & development and manufacturing of different products based on direct and allied applications of ‘High Vacuum Technology’.